Character Design and More

The External World (David O’Reilly, 2010)

Spümcø – John Kricfalusi


John K.- on Character Design

Design itself – in any medium requires purely an aesthetic sense of balance of pleasing shapes or forms. But there are many different occupations that require design and each has its own special requirements. It is a common belief that design must follow function and I’m a believer in this axiom.
An architect doesn’t set out to make a building that has a distinct funny personality. He makes a building that first will stand up, and second have a look that matches what the building is to be used for. If he has taste, he will add that on top of the functional aspects of making buildings.
1. Functional, Form – construction, Simplicity, Can Be Moved Easily
2. Aesthetic, Pleasing Balance Of Shapes
3. Distinct From Other Characters – Recognizable
4. Personality
5. Originality

(source: Cartoon Modern)

Advanced Animation/Preston Blair

Modern Character Design

Character Design blogspot

Jason Sadler /interview


Gennaro Morra /interview


Stevie Lewis /interview

Micheal Herrera  /interview

Harald Siepermann(1962-2013) 2 /interview

Borja Montoro /interview




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